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‘After 35 years in holography business, I want to help visual artists who choose holography as their primary medium. I believe that holography remains one of the most ‘‘magic’’ mediums. Every time the public is exposed to holograms they are fascinated.  I want to help artists to bring this fascination to art appreciators.’


Hugues Souparis

Hologram Foundation, Paris

The Holographic Art Grant is a competitive award that enables artists to produce major new holographic works. In 2016-17 and 2018-19 the grant has been awarded to eleven emerging, mid-career and established artists from around the world. The selected projects are chosen for their artistic merit, design and originality.


Creating at intersections of physics and imagination the artists selected have contemplated nature and memory. There are celebrations of the body, dance, and spirituality; ecological change and the inheritance of culture are questioned. 

To experience an art hologram is to engage with a sculpture of light.  Etched by lasers, the microscopic physical structure of the hologram shapes light.  The artist composes visual space with forms of pure color.  The optical dynamics of each artwork unfolds as the viewer moves. 

Holograms are paradoxical.  Light is shaped on a scale we can not perceive. The holographic image is tangible yet mysterious.  Holographic images are omnipresent in cultural imagination and emerging technologies but art holograms are rare.

Each artwork in IRIDESCENCE represents a significant investment of skills, technology and time to stake new ground in the young medium of holographic art.

Hugues Souparis, CEO of Surys who puts holograms on money and passports established the Hologram Foundation and The Holographic Art Grant to support artists and to put art holograms in the reach of buyers.  Half of the artworks made through the grant program are sold to enable an ongoing funding pool for artists.

The exhibition IRIDESCENCE is a collaboration with Center for the Holographic Arts, a non-profit based in New York that enables artists and the public to engage with holographic artwork.

To receive exhibition announcements and the open call for the next grant subscribe to the Center for the Holographic Arts newsletter.


Michael Bleyenberg


Patrick Boyd

Setsuko I 3190N1B1 send.jpg

Setsuko Ishii

holographic artists Ray Park

Ray Park


Lana Blum


Betsy Connors


Sam Moree


Fred Unterseher


Philippe Boissonnet


Pascal Gauchet


August Muth

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