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Setsuko Ishii

‘Spinning colors of light are threads that become a malleable form like clay.’

Setsuko Ishii is a prolific holographic artist. Her works create a symbiosis of light, nature and perception.  Holograms are Ishii’s medium of choice for visual explorations of nature and natural phenomena.  Sculptural elements are combined with holographic images in her numerous exhibitions and public installations.  Built into installations her holograms charge architectural space with dynamic color and natural forms.  Ishii’s outdoor installations play on atmospheric conditions – viewing changing throughout the day and contingent on sunlight.  The limitation, or control, of viewing is a property of the hologram Ishii utilizes to construct compositions from multiple recordings which can be seen from different positions.  Viewing her work is a negotiation between physical and abstract space.  A synergy erupts through the dynamics of intense color, entrancing the viewer into an environment of light.

Ishii studied Fine Arts at L’École National Supérieur Des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was a fellow of MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies.  Her exhibitions and public installations have received critical acclaim.  They include solo exhibitions at Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy; Tsuruoka Art Forum, Yamagata, Japan; California Institute of Art, Los Angeles, USA and Walker Hill Art Center, Seoul, Korea.  

Significant installations include 'Encounter II' (1979) at Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition at the Hakone Open Air Museum and 'Murmur of Aqueous' (1995) Centennial Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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