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    Hobby Horse, 2016/17

    Animated reflection holograms from the series MORRIS DANCERS

    Dichromate gelatin embedded in glass, 8.5’’ x 11.5’’

    Edition of two and one artist proof



Combining motion, emotion and humor Boyd captures the strange English tradition of the Morris dancers.  These traditional dances with uncertain origins can be traced back as far as the 15th Century. Drawing on the aesthetics of vernacular photography Boyd captures the view of a casual bystander.  These views are then layered like photographs.  The sequences are combined into rhythmic compositions that create a holographic impression of a photographer watching.


Master recordings created at the artist’s studio in Wales.

Hologram prints created at the Light Foundry, USA with August Muth.


Patrick Boyd, Hobby Horse

  • Boyd’s work brings attention to the element of time in holographic images.  He creates holograms from sequences of photographic footage that capture action within the hologram.  Boyd photographs every-day events with a ‘hand-held’ vernacular style placing the viewer as bystander within the scene.  His work with pulse laser hologram recording takes a very different approach. Here the narrative is told through objects, often worn by the subject in meticulously constructed fictitious scenes.

    Patrick Boyd has an MA in Photography and Holography from the Royal College of Art, London and was a Fellow in Media Arts at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne.  He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship for a year-long artist residency at the Museum of Holography in New York and has created multiple projects through the HoloCenter pulse laser residency program.  His solo exhibitions include Butler Museum of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, USA; Royal College of Art – Link Gallery, London, UK and Art House, Takasaki and Neuse Gallery, Maiebashi, Gunma-ken, Japan.

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