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    Audrey/Maya, 2016   


    Dot-matrix holographic print in glass, 19’’ x 20’’
    Edition of 2 +1 artist copy



Combining drawing and computer generated sketches Bleyenberg’s portraits link together concepts in art and philosophy.  His research into the relationship of optics to painting styles informs these works which seek to push the application of light as a pictorial tool.  Describing his work as ‘light architecture’  Bleyenberg is best known for his large scale installations using diffractive holographic elements and dot-matrix hologram prints.  He considers these holograms as projectors, casting light through space.  He calls them ‘Agents of light’.  While such holograms have no image depth the shifting colors produce a different dimension.


RENAISSANCE:RE is a series of holographic portraits which (re)establishes a connection to the Italian renaissance painters of the 15th century and the masters of early Dutch painting. Quite a number of these artists used optical aids. They employed mirrors, prisms and lenses to create their highly detailed and realistic paintings and drawings. Like today, attaching importance to the