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Betsy Connors

'Working with laser light as a medium heightens my connection, through the work of art and light,to an appreciation, awareness, and concern for the natural world.'

'My work in holography has been concerned with creating works that bridge technology in form with nature as content, in an installation format, often using a peripheral mechanism, either computers or mechanical devices, to create light motion. The works, inspired by a concern for the environment, often depict images from nature in the form of holographic landscape installations. My interests are in capturing the impressions of light in nature as in wind in the leaves or light on water or rain shimmer. The works are generally made up of multiple holograms and can range in size from two feet by three feet up to twenty feet by twelve feet.'

Betsy Connors is an artist and educator associated with the cutting-edge research and experimentation in light and holography that grew out of MIT. She was MIT Museum’s first curator of holography and lectured at the MIT Media Lab (1990 - 2006) after graduating in 1986. Connors also founded her own art studio ACME Holography in the Boston area. Connors has exhibited her work throughout the world, and has won major awards and fellowships during her career. Her work is in collections in Japan, Washington D.C., New York City, and Boston.

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